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CAR seed funding leads to new project in Sri Lanka

26 July 2019

The Sri Lankan National Science Foundation has awarded CAR researchers a $50,000 grant to investigate air pollution in Sri Lanka.

Principal Investigator Dr Gayan Bowatte said the project would build an air pollution model using smart sensors in the city of Kandy, where air pollution is high.

“This will be the first Sri Lankan air pollution model using LUR (land use regression), which will be used in future to evaluate air pollution levels in the city and investigate health outcomes caused by air pollution,” he said.

Dr Bowatte used a CAR seed grant awarded in 2018 to support the successful grant application.

CAR Principal Investigator Professor Guy Marks said the project built on a range of expertise in the CAR investigator team – in sensor and communications technology, computer science, geography and environmental epidemiology – to seed important research capacity with colleagues in Sri Lanka.


“It is exciting for us to develop these collaborative endeavours and I look forward to the outcome of this project," Professor Marks said.

GBowatte-and-SDharmage-photo (2)_edited.

Dr Gayan Bowatte ... the project will evaluate air pollution levels in Kandy and investigate health outcomes caused by air pollution.

The investigator team is: Professor Shyamali Dharmage, University of Melbourne; Professor Lidia Morawska, QUT; Associate Professor Yuming Guo, Monash University; Dr Rohana Jayaratne, QUT; Associate Professor Luke Knibbs, University of Queensland; Professor Rohan Weerasooriya, National Institute of Fundamental Studies, Sri Lanka; and Dr Sachith Abeysundara, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

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