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Data blending workshop

In September 2017 CAR ran a technical workshop on the theme of exposure assessment in air quality with a focus on data/model blending approaches for air quality/health modelling studies. Here we have uploaded the presentations from that day.

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Past CAR reports 

Review of the health impacts of emission sources, types and levels of particulate matter air pollution in ambient air in NSW

In 2015, the NSW EPA and the NSW Ministry of Health, Environmental Health Branch commissioned CAR to undertake a review of the health effects of particulate matter (PM) in NSW.  This report provides a comprehensive review of international and Australian evidence related to the health effects of exposure to outdoor (ambient) PM air pollution.

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Content from the previous CAR site 

The old CAR site has now become inactive but a version of it is still available through this link for the immediate future. After this time, content from the site will still be able to be accessed by contacting us