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Publications before 2021

Publications involving CAR researchers and published before 2021 found on this page.

To access publications for the majority of 2020, please see our 2020 newsletters

Coal mine fire smoke increases hospitalisations

02 Apr 2020

The Hazelwood Health Study - which looks at the health effects of smoke from a coal mine fire in Victoria - found that smoke exposure resulted in increased risk of emergency presentations and hospital admissions

Woodheater smoke more deadly than other man-made air pollution

01 Apr 2020

CAR researchers have estimated the impacts of different sources of man-made pollution and have shown that wood heaters are the largest source of PM2.5 and annually contribute to 1,400 'Years of Life Lost' in the greater Sydney region. This is more than pollution from traffic and power stations

Modelling smoke from hazard reduction burns and bushfires

20 Mar 2020

Researchers used various methods to simulate the formation and dispersion of particle aerosols (PM2.5) in the Greater Metropolitan Region of Sydney during hazard reduction burns or from bushfires. This is essential to estimate the exposure of populations to bushfire smoke, and in turn associated health effects.

Bushfire smoke estimated to have caused more than 400 deaths

11 Mar 2020

Modelling shows that exposure to smoke during the 2019-20 bushfire season resulted in approximately 400 premature deaths and over 3,000 hospital admissions in the eastern states 

Lessons Learned from the Australian Bushfires: Climate Change, Air Pollution, and Public Health

27 Feb 2020

CAR's Sotiris Vardoulakis, Guy Marks and Michael Abramson discuss the need to focus on climate change as an important strategy to reduce bushfire risk in Australia:

"Australian cities enjoy relatively good air quality most of the year, but the extreme smoke haze events of late 2019 and early 2020 have been a wake-up call. The fires and smoke have exposed the vulnerability of the country to the effects of climate change" 

Bushfire smoke: urgent need for national health protection strategy

24 Feb 2020

CAR researchers argue why more nuanced health advice is needed to protect populations and individuals from exposure to bushfire smoke. They recommend the establishment of an independent national expert committee on air pollution and health protection to support decision making in Australia

Links between air pollution and asthma outpatient visits in China

02 Feb 2020

CAR researchers found that increased levels of PM2.5, PM10, NO2 and SO2 were associated with increased outpatient visits for asthma in Chinese cities

Can smartphone data identify the drivers of respiratory disease?

06 Jan 2020

Using the AirRater app as an example, CAR researchers found that smartphone apps can be useful tools in environmental epidemiology, specifically for asthma and hayfever symptoms

Exposure to coal mine fire associated with more antibiotic use

02 Jan 2020

CAR researchers found that children exposed to PM2.5 from the Morewell coal mine fire whilst in the womb had increased rates of antibiotic prescriptions 

Bushfires in Australia: a serious health emergency under climate change

01 Jan 2020

In this commentary piece in The Lancet, CAR researchers discuss why action on climate change is necessary now to curb the ferocity of bushfires and associated health impacts

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