Position papers

CAR works to translate our research into policy outcomes. Part of this process is producing position papers about topical issues regarding the health impacts of air pollution and energy transitions.  


There is no 'safe' level of air pollution. Implications for Australian policy.

23 March 2021

Even Low Levels of Air Pollution Are Harmful to Health

Growing evidence outlined in a newly published position statement from CAR, and led by Professor Graeme Zosky from the University of Tasmania’s Menzies Institute for Medical Research, shows that even very low levels of air pollution are harmful to our health.

Professor Zosky said this finding has important implications for how air pollution is regulated in Australia.

“It has been firmly established that increases in air pollution are harmful to our health.”

see latest review published in the MJA

Nationally consistent air quality reporting position paper

08 Sep 2020

How should Australia's reporting of air quality improve? We've just released our position paper for technical audiences outlining our approach to achieving nationally consistent air quality reporting and health messaging. With the latest bushfire summer, there has never been a better time to look at how states report on air quality. 

Waste-to-Energy processes: what is the impact on air pollutants and health?

02 Apr 2019

Waste-to-Energy processes have potential benefits for waste disposal and energy generation, but there may also be downsides in terms of pollution emissions.

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