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National bushfire health strategy needed now

23 Feb 2020

The Sydney Morning Herald and The New Daily spoke to Fay Johnston and Sotiris Vardoulakis on the need to rethink public messaging, establish a national committee and provide consistent air quality readings during periods of bushfires. These statements are informed by their MJA publication Bushfire smoke: urgent need for a national health protection strategy

The New Daily coverage

Australian Open air polllution worries

16 Jan 2020

France's Le Monde spoke to Michael Abramson on the implications of the smoke covering Melbourne for tennis players at the Australian Open. 

Clearing the air on bushfire smoke

16 Jan 2020

Bin Jalaludin spoke to UNSW media room to answer the most common questions about the impacts of the bushfire smoke and ways to prevent being exposed

Study into long-term effects needed

14 Jan 2020

Michael Abramson spoke to NBC and the NY Post urging for a "national study of the health impacts of the latest wildfires, saying his research (Hazelwood Health Study) focused on a much smaller population of 74,000 people in the Latrobe Valley."

What are the best ways to keep your home smoke-free?

10 Jan 2020

Amanda Wheeler and Lidia Morawska spoke to the ABC on the 'dos' and 'dont's' of keeping your home smoke-free

Long-term effects of bushfire smoke

14 Jan 2020

CAR's Michael Abramson talks to the ABC's 7.30 report on the long term effects of coal fire smoke seen in the Hazelwood Health Study. He talks about how this compares to the unprecedented bushfire smoke over summer 2019/20

Are air purifiers the answer?

09 Dec 2019

CAR's Christine Cowie talks to The Guardian about whether air purifiers are effective at keeping your home safe during bushfire smoke

Health impacts of bushfires won't be known for years

08 Jan 2020

​CAR's Bin Jalaludin and Fay Johnston talk to the Sydney Morning Herald about the long-term health impacts of the unprecedented exposure to bushfire smoke

The Drum interview

15 Dec 2019

Prof Lidia Morawska talks about the evidence on the health effects of bushfire smoke, the use of face masks and climate change. Watch from minute 29.

The unknown long-term effects of smoke

10 Dec 2019

The unprecedented length of bushfire smoke exposure led some to ask about the long term effects this could have on health. Here A/Prof Fay Johnston talks to New Scientist about the limited research on this topic

Health impacts of smoke and minimising exposure

09 Dec 2019

Prof Bin Jalaludin spoke of worsening health symptoms in vulnerable groups in the  ABC's The World Today and Prof Guy Marks spoke to SBS news about what could be done to minimise exposure. 

Why action on climate change is needed

07 Dec 2019

In this article from the Sydney Morning Herald Prof Michael Abramson and Dr Ivan Hanigan talk about the effects of severe bushfire events in an ever warming planet. Prof Abramson states that "With more severe and frequent bushfires, you would expect the sorts of effects of particles on health [as seen in Sydney] to be greater,"  while Dr Hanigan stressed the need for the "urgent need for mitigation of climate change to minimise its many inter-related consequences".

How bad is bushfire smoke for your health?

04 Dec 2019

The health impacts of bushfire smoke are outlined by A/Prof Fay Johnston in this explainer from the Sydney Morning Herald

Will wearing a face mask protect me from bushfire smoke?

03 Dec 2019

Dr Christine Cowie talks to The Guardian about why the use of a face mask shouldn't be the first step in minimising exposure to bushfire smoke.

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