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We generate evidence-based factsheets for the general public on important topics which align with our research areas. You can find these below. If you would like a factsheet on a particular topic, please reach out to us via our 'Contact' link. 



Wood heater smoke factsheet

01 September 2022

While we all love the warmth and nostalgia that an open fire brings, the reality is that the smoke it produces damages our health. In our newly released factsheet, we have outlined how smoke from wood heaters affects health and what can be done about it.


Bushfire smoke factsheet

April 2022

We've updated our factsheet on the health impacts of bushfire smoke to incorporate practical considerations to protect yourself from bushfire smoke during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Waste- to-energy plants: can we safely burn waste?

21 Oct 2020

To address the current waste crisis enveloping Australia, there is a question increasingly on policy-makers’ minds. Can we safely use waste as a fuel, rather than burying or exporting it? Here we provide a summary of findings from our systematic review into the health impacts of waste-to-energy plants

BUSHFIRE SMOKE: What are the health impacts and what can we do to minimise exposure?

09 Dec 2019

​As bushfires continue, the exposure of communities to smoke has become unprecedented. This evidence-based factsheet outlines what the health impacts are to bushfire smoke, which groups are most vulnerable, what we can do to minimise exposure and why climate change is needed now

The link between gas stove use and asthma

23 Aug 2018

Our factsheet in collaboration with the National Asthma Council looks at the link between the use of gas stoves and childhood asthma. The information for this was based on our research findings from April 2018 which showed that 12 per cent of childhood asthma is attributed to the use of gas stoves for cooking. Find out what you can do to prevent exposure

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