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Associate Investigators

Associate Investigators (AIs) provide intellectual input into the research undertaken by CAR members, but unlike Chief Investigators are not involved in the everyday running of the centre. CAR has nine AIs, three of whom are based internationally. 

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University of Leicester 

Anna is a Professor in Environmental Epidemiology and Director of the Centre for Environmental Health and Sustainability at the University of Leicester. She also chairs the UK government scientific advisory committee, the Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollution (COMEAP). She has a long-standing research interest in environmental impacts on human health and the health of the environment, with special expertise in health impacts of air pollution on respiratory disease and in environmental noise and health. She has conducted some of the longest running and largest studies looking at air pollution and health and is one of a small number of UK epidemiologists investigating long-term health effects of transport noise.

Prof. Anna Hansell
Dr Mandana Mazaheri

Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, NSW

Mandana is a principal planning officer and air quality scientist based at the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. Her work involves assessing environmental and social impacts of large-scale energy and mining developments. She has collaborated with the World Health Organization – European Centre for Environment and Health as an invited consultant working on the role of green spaces in planning healthier cities. Her main areas of expertise are in air quality, with a particular interest in ultrafine particles, and environmental exposures.

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Dr Martin Cope


Martin is a principal research scientist based in the Ocean and Atmosphere Flagship in CSIRO. His areas of research include the relationship between climate change and air quality; simulating the sources and sinks of particle formation in urban and rural environments; the impact of alternative motor vehicle fuels on urban air quality and the burden of disease; the relationship between intra-urban pollution sources, population exposure and health impacts and investigating the transport and production of secondary inorganic and organic aerosols.

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Dr Martine Dennekamp

Environment Protection Authority, Victoria

Martine is an occupational and environmental epidemiologist working in the field of air pollution, health and the environment. Her environmental health research program and major interests are in the area of air quality and health, and in particular the association between health effects and smoke exposure from planned burns and bushfires, and the association between ambient air pollution and respiratory and cardiovascular health effects.

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A/Prof. Luke Knibbs

University of Queensland

Luke undertakes research and teaching on the health effects of environmental risk factors, with a specific focus on air pollution and bioaerosols (airborne particles of biological origin). One of his key current interests is the development of novel methods to improve exposure assessment in epidemiological studies of air pollution. Luke also teaches environmental health to undergraduate and postgraduate students, and is the director of UQ’s Master of Public Health program.

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Michael Borgas


Michael was previously a principal research scientist at the CSIRO. 

Prof. Michael Brauer 

University of British Columbia/University of Washington

Michael Brauer is a Professor in the School of Population and Public Health at The University of British Columbia and a Principal Research Scientist and Affiliate Professor at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, where he leads the Environmental Risk Factors team for the Global Burden of Disease.  His research focuses on linkages between the built environment and human health, with specific interest in the global health impacts of air pollution, the relationships between multiple exposures mediated by urban form and population health, and health impacts of a changing climate.

Prof. Ron Grunstein

University of Sydney 

Ron is a Professor of Sleep Medicine and a staff specialist physician in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. He heads the Sleep and Circadian Research Group at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research and has an honorary appointment in respiratory and sleep medicine at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney. Within CAR, he contributes leadership to projects on the effects of poor air quality on sleep as well as the potential effects of alternative energy on sleep physiology.

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