Ultrafine Particles from Traffic Emissions and Children’s Health (UPTECH)

Current CAR investigators involved: CIs Morawska, Williams, Marks and Jalaludin, AI Brunekreef

The “Ultrafine Particles from Traffic Emissions on Children’s Health (UPTECH)” is being conducted in state schools within Brisbane Metropolitan Area by the International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health (ILAQH) at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Woolcock Institute of Medical Research http://www.ilaqh.qut.edu.au/Misc/UPTECH%20Home.htm . This study is supported by the Australian Research Council (ARC), QLD Transport and QLD Department of Education and Training (DET) (ARC Grant Number: LP0990134). UPTECH is a large and complex epidemiological study, which consists of both clinical testings on school children aged 8-11 years old and extensive air quality monitoring at schools. This project aims to determine the associations between exposures to traffic related ultrafine particles and respiratory health in primary school children by analysing air quality, clinical measures and modelling tools. In total, 25 schools will participate in this study, 30 children (on average) will participate in clinical testings at each school. Air quality monitoring includes comprehensive measurements of physical and chemical properties of ultrafine particles as well as the gaseous emissions, which are conducted at each school for two weeks at 2 indoor and 3 outdoor monitoring sites. The data collection phase of this project began in Oct 2010 and it is scheduled to be concluded in Aug 2012.