Burden of Obstructive Lung Disease (BOLD)

Current CAR investigators involved: CIs Marks and Abramson.

This study sought to describe the prevalence, outcomes and management of obstructive lung disease in people aged 40 years and over in Australia. Randomly selected samples of approximately 600 people aged over 40 were recruited in six Australian centres: Sydney, central western NSW, Melbourne, Hobart, Busselton and the Kimberley. A standardised respiratory questionnaire was administered, lung function was measured before and after bronchodilator, atopic status was measured by SPT and airway inflammation was measured as FeNO.

We will geocode all addresses for subjects from the Sydney and Melbourne centres and use these data to estimate exposure to traffic related air pollution. With these data we will examine the association between pollutant exposure and obstructive lung disease in older Australians living in Sydney and Melbourne. Further follow-up of this cohort is planned and this will allow us to examine the effect of pollutant exposure on incident cases of obstructive lung disease.

This is the first nation-wide study to objectively measure the prevalence of COPD at a population level. It represents an important resource for air pollution research.

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